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Woman of Stature
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Woman of Stature Awards
Woman of Stature Awards
Purpose of the awards

Recognition elevates Credibility and Inspiration, Woman of Stature believes that excellence and quality impact need to be formally recognized and in so doing, women are inspired to achieve and impact in a deeper, even more profound way. Woman of Stature strongly supports the concept of Mentorship and believes that the final category nominees, finalists and winners can play a pivotal role in mentoring and empowering another Woman of Stature within the organization and particularly within the Woman of Stature Foundation.

The Beneficiary

Proceeds raised from the Woman of Stature Awards goes to the Woman of Stature Foundation which was launched to  address the socio-economic challenges that are prevalent in South Africa, by making a valued contribution through development of women. Women are the cornerstone of society, home-makers and the mothers of future leaders and without them we will have a fragile community resulting in macro-economic challenges.

The Winners

The winners are prominent within their respective communities and have reached considerable heights within their careers. They each reflect our values and focus at Woman of Stature, which is empowering of women from all walks of life,
There is a winner awarded in each of the categories and out of all the categories an overall winner is awarded.

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