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About Us

Shortly About Us

TThe Woman of Stature Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Company established to address the socio-economic challenges that are prevalent in South Africa through making a valued contribution towards the development of Women in Business. Women are the cornerstone of society, homemakers and mothers of future leaders, and without them, we will have a fragile community resulting in macro-economic challenges.

Our Programs
Membership Program   

The Eagle Membership Programme enables Philanthropists & Corporates to participate as funders and donors (referred to as Eagles) of the Woman of Stature Foundation Programmes. The membership programme is designed to enable the participation of funders and donors at different levels. The Top Level Membership of the Woman of Stature Foundation is referred to as full membership which includes all the benefits the Woman of Stature Foundation has to offer, of which the most important is voting rights.
Healing Wing Program

Many women silently are stuck in a cycle of desperate situations that can result in them making a chain of short term irrational decisions. This often creates opportunities for predatory relationships that include abuse and further dis-empowerment of the woman who finds herself in such a situation. These women are like birds who proudly fly with a broken wing and in such pain but without anybody realising.
Accelerate - Her Program

This programme is designed to assist women-owned small business who struggle to grow due to the lack of resources, who we refer to as a ‘Caged Business’ and through this programme to accelerate their business. In order to achieve this, the above Healing Wing Programme’s beneficiaries may be placed into a caged business, to assist the business with the necessary talent. Additionally business and financial coaching may be offered to the Accelerate-Her beneficiary.
Woman Rise Mentoring Programme

Woman Rise is a programme within Woman of Stature Foundation with the aim of uplifting young female professionals and business owners with various initiatives. The mentoring programme is a mechanism for fund raising in the foundation as well as an opportunity to provide value to young female professionals.

The aim of the Woman Rise mentoring initiative is to match the WOS award winners in the various categories with women who require support and assistance in their careers. Award winners will mentor five women once a month for six months following their award.

Our Vision
Our Mission
To be a Leading and Strategic Women Empowerment Organisation that creates and delivers relevant, sustainable, personal, professional, and entrepreneurial growth opportunities, which will adequately equip South African Business women to face the harsh, current socio-economic and societal challenges.

To inspire Excellence through acknowledging Businesswomen and celebrating their professional achievements and exceptional levels of societal contribution. This will be achieved by creating prestigious platforms and events to honor these Women and raise funds for WOSF while doing so.
To present on-going preventative and empowerment interventions responsive to the specific needs of Businesswomen across the societal spectrum in South Africa.

To create a culture that promotes solutions-based conversations for Women in business, thus eradicating a victim mentality, as well as a culture of collaborations instead of competitiveness, while staying independent and being self-sufficient.

Board of Directors

It is our pleasure to introduce the members of the board driving the Woman of Stature Foundation with passion and dedication. The team’s main role is in strategic planning and guidance, overseeing, and being accountable for the organisation’s growth and success. Our board members are also responsible for making key decisions that address the organisation’s mission, vision, and goals. They aim to address the public’s interest through the organisation’s work and act as the legal voice for the organisation.

Charlotte du Plessis

Palesa Mulaudzi

Dr Leon Janse van Rensburg

Yamkela Tywakadi

Ronel Jooste

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