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Master Your Brand
Unleashing the Secrets of Successful Personal Branding

A transformative event packed with Masterclasses curated by renowned industry experts who will share their experiences, strategies, and tips on Personal Branding.

Here's why you can't afford to miss it:

Learn from Top Industry Experts: Gain invaluable insights from renowned keynote speakers who have mastered the art of Personal Branding. Their expertise and real-world experience will empower you to craft a Personal Brand that sets you apart from the competition.

Engage in Interactive Workshops: Dive into hands-on breakout sessions and workshops led by experts in various aspects of Personal Branding. Acquire practical techniques, discover cutting-edge tools, and engage in interactive activities to develop and enhance your Personal Brand.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Gain insights into the latest trends and strategies in Personal Branding. Our event will equip you with the knowledge and resources to leverage emerging opportunities, keeping you at the forefront of your industry.

Event Details
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Standard Pricing - Per person
8th June 2023
08h00 to 17h00
Royal Elephant Hotel and Conference Centre

Bringing It All Together for Woman of Stature Foundation

We'd like to take a few moments to synthesise what was learned and how it can be integrated into a cohesive personal branding strategy.

Our day began with opening remarks from Charlotte du Plessis, setting the tone for a transformative journey. Her enthusiasm and welcoming words reminded delegates that each carries a unique brand within themselves, waiting to be unleashed.

Following Charlotte, we had an intriguing session with KimEveritt engaged the delegates' neurons, opened up their minds to new possibilities, and prepared them for the mastery and expertise offered by the speakers.

Then, Kobus Kleyn shared the fundamentals of accelerating your brand. We delved into practical strategies and applications for accelerating brand growth, emphasising the importance of consistency, visibility, and integrity in all our branding efforts.

Rizanne Oosthuisen submerged us into an interactive presentation and workshop. Delegates gained an understanding of the current state of digital in South Africa and the role of technology in personal branding. She reminded everyone that your brand isn't just about you—it's also about the people you're trying to reach and how you connect with them.

Tsungai Masendeke CFP guided us through the art of networking, story-selling, and content creation. Delegates learned how to weave compelling narratives and create engaging content that resonates with their audience. Moreover, her workshop highlighted that effective personal branding requires an interactive and feedback-driven approach.

We were privileged to listen to the remarkable Unathi Nkayi and her keynote address. Her experiences and insights offered a fresh perspective on mastering personal branding, reminding us that our personal journeys are our most potent branding tools.

Tamryn Lowe and Pierre Marais showed us how visual storytelling is a powerful tool in personal branding. The workshop emphasised the importance of choosing the right visuals that align with your brand values and your audience's preferences.

Maria Emma Isa took delegates on an exploration of brand storytelling and effective marketing. She guided everyone through key principles of captivating marketing, emphasising the power of a compelling brand narrative in capturing an audience and enhancing brand recognition.

It's essential to realise that these are not standalone sessions but pieces of a puzzle that fit together to create your powerful personal brand.

Think of your personal brand as a compelling story, with you as the main actor. Every strategy we discussed today, from accelerating your brand, leveraging technology, networking, creating engaging content, employing visual storytelling, photographs and video, to effective branding and marketing, are chapters in your book.

Your personal brand is a promise to your customers. It's your job to deliver on that promise with your new knowledge.

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